Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sturge-Weber is one of those diseases you just never know what tomorrow will bring. Last Thursday was one of those "tomorrows" I don't like, Brie had a bad spell of sensory seizures. After a long day at the hospital we went home with new medicine, an appointment with our neurologist and one sad little girl.

Four days later Brie's spirits have improved, but the seizures have not stop. Her right leg is in a great deal of pain and the muscles are so stiff she can barely walk. In addition to the pain, it will take some time for her body to build a resistance to the side effects of the new medicine--which means she is very irritable.

However, no matter what tomorrow brings I'm thankful God is in control of it. Philippians 4:7 says, "And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus"! Friends, without the peace of God I could not have the strength to wait three weeks to speak to our neurologist. Without the peace of God I would not have the patience to deal with her pain and irritability. And without the peace of God I could not experience joy with my sweet family. I'm so thankful a relationship with Christ is more than a ticket to heaven, it's a life filled with love, joy, peace and so much more!

If you think of us this week, please pray for Brie, that God may be glorified through her life!


  1. We're praying and hope you will get some answers o your next appointment! We love you all!

  2. That is a gorgeous pic of Brie! We are praying.