Friday, July 15, 2011

Big Apple Adventure: Day Five

Friday was Day Five of VBS, Big Apple T-shirt Day, and the day I finally got a smile out of Brie. It must be because she's sitting next to her best friend, Abby! Who kindly offered to share her offering dollars, since this mommy forgot Brie's! In the kitchen we were busy making our Grand Finale of snacks, I "Heart" NY Pizza Bites, Big Applesauce and Taxi Cabs The Taxi's were so cute and such a hit, but Rachel and I could live without a using a piping bag for at least a week or two! The best part of being on snack crew is getting to see my girls, I missed them this week! What mom could resist watching their two year old stuff themselves with a Zinger Cake.
Or a four year old sitting next to her best friend! Thank you to all the VBS workers who made this week special for my girls and others!

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  1. What a wonderful week!! Those taxis are too cute. May your VBS bring eternal rewards as well as wonderful memories.