Monday, July 25, 2011

Disney Vacation: Day Five

Tuesday was our low-key day, if you want to call it that! Brie had a real hard time at the Sturge-Weber Kids Camp so we decided to leave her back at the resort with the grandparents. In fact even Mommy had a hard time at the "Sturge-Weber Adult Camp" and we skipped out early too, missing the talk on Family Dynamics and Classroom Bullying--oh well! Instead we spent the afternoon swimming at the pool! Eating lunch at Friendly's, If you want to call this lunch! Hey it's vacation, Brie and I can eat ice cream for lunch if we want to!!! With much of the afternoon still upon us, we head over to Downtown Disney for some retail therapy! Briar immediately spotted her name sake, Briar Rose, and insisted on a picture!After spotting Briar Rose it didn't take long to wander inside World of Disney, an insanely large store filled with nothing but Disney merchandise! And yes, we did manage to take some of that merchandise home with us! Next on our agenda was the Lego Store, Brie was amazed at the Cinderella made of Lego's.... and this bridge (I'm oh so glad she loves to build with Legos)! But the best part of the store was being able to create our own Lego people! Look at all those girls, yay for girly Lego people!!! Oh and Peter Pan and Capt Patch!!! With two new Lego kits in tow (thanks Grandma and Grandpa) we headed back to our resort for another dip in the pool! The perfect ending to another magical day at Disney World!

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