Monday, July 25, 2011

Disney Vacation: Days One, Two and Three

One of my goals in raising the girls is to give them memorable family vacation. However, I never imagined that one of those vacations would be to Disney World! Thanks to the Sturge-Weber Foundation holding their International Conference in Orlando we were able to do just that! And what a memorable week it was! We set off for Orlando on Friday at 3pm; yes we drove, yes we're crazy and yes it was FUN!
The girls were perfect angels, no DVD player, no video games, just a world of imagination to entertain them! Along the 23 hour journey (which really should have taken 18 hours, but we drive slow and stop often) we made a few stops at Cracker Barrel. And one over night stay at the Holiday Inn, Ocala, FL--a place we like to refer to as Florida FabBefore we knew it, it was Sunday, we were checked-in at the Wyndahm Bonnet Creek Resort (which Grandma and Grandpa Dohner were generious enough to provide) and off to our conference with other families affected by Sturge-Weber Syndrome. I won't linger on this topic much more, but I will say your prayers were heard. We learned a lot, we were impressed with the doctors who saw Brie and we will need more prayers as we approach a time of decision making!

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