Thursday, October 13, 2011

Home School Day

For many reasons Robert and I have made the decision to home school our girls. Ten weeks ago I cracked opened a Sonlight box and began creeping through the materials. However, today I'm happy to report we're in our groove; and I'm hooked. There is such a joy in watching Brie and Briar learn, especially while on field trips. Like this one, Home School Day at the South Texas Maze. In order to navigate through the maze, the kids had to answer a series of questions about corn. They did remarkably well, who knew they were so well versed in the components of corn. Guess their love for "corn on the cob" paid off, because we never once got lost. As with most field trips there was a little fun missed in with all the "education". Like a hayride to the pumpkin patch, and a tractor ride (look out world Briar's driving)! Brie even found time to do some serious "corn popping". But nothing compares to the fun one has on the Barrel Train Ride, Briar loved it so much she went twice (thanks Ms. Nive).
What a great day! I just wish it wouldn't have come with a pair of sunburns. Blasted Texas sun, you sure do play tricks on this Michigander.

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