Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Briar

It's hard to believe my baby is three, but indeed she is.

Happy Birthday, Briar Noelle! Birthday are a big deal in our house, which meant I had to make today extra special for Briar. We started the day off with breakfast at Starbucks, Briar picked (cough), a"healthy treat" the Birthday Pop! For lunch Briar requested an outside picnic instead of McDonalds, good choice Briar, good choice! Then it was off to Orange Leaf for some yummy frozen yougurt! As the day progressed it was time for momma to whip up a Castle Cake, and Briar to take a nap. I guess having a third birthday isn't enough to give up that thumb. Maybe next year. Soon it was crunchy taco time, and unwrapping time. But not until every sang "Happy Birthday Briar"! Singing always comes first, then unwrapping! The girls appreciated their matching gifts, both Grandma's came through on that front! In fact both Grandma's spoiled their little rug-rats, why did I even bother buying a present???Briar Rose (as you like to call yourself) I hope your birthday was extra special, because your daddy, and mommy love you very much!

Happy Birthday!

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