Saturday, April 28, 2012

Disney World 2012, The Magic Continues

In the midst of the transition from our morning in Fanstyland to our afternoon in Adventureland mom and I found the girls quietly asleep in the stroller.
So what's an obsessive control freak to do?  Improvise.  Instead of riding Aladdin's Magic Carpet as planned, Mom and I hopped into the stroller friendly, air conditioned line to meet Terrence and Tinkerbell.  The line was "fairyily short" at an hour, but long enough to give the girls a nice nap.
Once inside Fairy Hollow, Terrence was there to greet us.
He was a bit cheeky, especially towards Tinkerbell.
Brie didn't know what to think of all the sass (she hasn't read the original book like momma), but Briar was just thrilled to meet her favorite friend.  Tinkerbell, is a Disney icon afer all.
With a small burst of energy we began our climb to the top of The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.  Grandma and Brie loved all the details along the way. Unlike Briar and I, we couldn't help but think about the upcoming parade throughout the tour.
Which meant soon after I had us girls parked on a shaded curb, an hour early for yet another parade, much to mom's chagrin.  Mom, all I have to say is it left us plenty of time to plan out the next phase of the day.  Oh and don't forget those Mickey Ice Creams we enjoyed.  However, let everyone forget the many parental meltdowns of passer byes.  There are a lot of tears in Disney World.
Although there were none for Brieto on this parade route, she was back to sleep for another nap.
With sister asleep Briar was allowed the freedom to hammed it up alone.

and waving the entire twenty minutes. 

It was enough to make this tenderhearted mom cry.  Like I said, there are a lot of tears in Disney World.

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