Sunday, May 6, 2012

Luminaria a Hipsterpalooza

I have decided next year they should change the name of Luminaria to Luminaria a Hipsterpalooza.

Last years Luminaria was an amazing arts festival that celebrated our city's local dancers, musicians, and artist.
This year it was one weirdo exhibit, (The Gary Sweeny Sunshine Circus)
after another, ("Mom, what are they doing?")

after another,
after another.
But we made the most of it with yummy street food,
The Cove's Fish Taco anyone?
As well as, three hours of dance performances.
We enjoyed everything from Bollywood musicals and classical Indian dance, to ballet, jazz and tap routines.  There was even a techno-glow dance by a modern dance company, let's just say Mr. Dance Movie Lover was thrilled with the selection.  The only thing we weren't thrilled with was, lugging two sleepy girls back to the car at 10:30, boy are they heavy. 

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