Sunday, June 3, 2012

SPI, Day Four

I didn't snap a single picture until after lunch on our forth day.
Ah, but a daily Dairy Queen is worth remembering!
There is just something about DQ on a hot,
summer afternoon.
Seriously, DQ and swimming pools are the way to go on vacation.
A hunky-hubby also helps in the summer BBQ category!!
Hot dogs and S'more were on the menu for the second straight night,
This time however, we wised us and borrowed some tables for the Hilton Beach Bar. The little stools were perfect for the girls!  
After dinner there was more "planting of flowers",

boogie boarding,
kite flying,

sea shell hunting,
and hysterical crying as the sun began to dim.
Briar actually informed us, "If we don't leave RIGHT NOW, I'm going back to the room by myself".  Three year old girls can be so irrational!

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