Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Swim

Summers are meant to be spent in the pool, right?
So why Mom and Dad, did you fill-in our personal inground pool?!?
We may have many very valid reasons for why we no longer own a pool, but there was no reason to not join the neighborhood pool.  So we did.
It's just too bad, Briar broke her collar bone a few days into the summer, life in the pool is just a little rough with a boo-boo!
Happily nothing about swimming keeps Brieto from smiling!
And, well, since Briar's happy button is usually on, a dip in the kiddie pool was perfect for her wee-little broken bones.
Snacks, snacks are great for broken bones too.  It's a good thing mom always comes with a cooler full of goodies.
Yep, summers are meant to be spent in the pool, and with ones kiddos.  Thank you Brie and Briar for letting me spend the summer with you.  It's such a joy to spend time with my girls!

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