Friday, August 17, 2012

{Home School Classroom Sneek Peak} Lego Table

Want to take a peak into my classroom? For the next few days I'll be posting all the fun Pinterest projects I've been working.  First up, a Lego Table. 
I found a blog online that used one IKEA Lack Side Table and four Lego plates to create a budget friendly Lego Table.  Not wanting to drive all the way to IKEA, I decided to purchase the Target version of said table.  And it worked smashingly!
Lego Table Instructions:
One Target RE Side Table ($14)
Four 32x32 peg Lego Base Plates ($6 each)
Four bottles of Super Glue ($4)

First, assemble side table.  Next, measure and trim Lego plates (I used sheet metal scissors to complete this step).  Finally, super glue base plates to table.  It's that easy!

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