Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{Muffin Tin Monday} Texas Tornado

It's been a while since we participated in Muffin Tin Monday, but here we are.  Now it may not be Monday today, but it was Monday when we enjoyed experienced this lunch. 
Our Texas themed lunch was meant to be eaten while reviewing some of the Texas history Brie and Briar learned last week, after all we were heading to the capital city Austin later that day.  Of course, the key word here is meant, because just as I finished preparing the girl's Lone Star treats, UPS knocked on the door delivering my brand new, very first, oh so shiny iPhone.  And well, that's when everything went downhill.

After eagerly opening the Apple box, I sat the kids down with their muffin tin and ignored them while they began to eat.  I had more important things to do, like rush Edison along in activating my new phone before we HAD to leave for Dell Children Hospital.  Wait, let's rewind, did I say while they began to eat?  It was more like, while the girls began racing for muffin cups, scarfing down what they rabidly collected off the table, all while being rather cross with one another.  That is until the real wild-animal, our dog Sammy Choo seized his opportunity and took over this Muffin Tin Meal war for himself.  Needless to say, our own battles kept us from getting to the Mexican War portion of this lunch time lesson. 

Some how in the midst of tears, dog barks, and thick accents I manged to finish activating my phone, offer the girls a granola bar for lunch instead, and trail blaze us up to Austin on time.  But after yesterday's performance no one will be nominating me for, "Mother of the Year".  If you doubt, let me reassure you with this quote from Brie today,  "Mom can I have my own plate with lunch today, not whatever happened yesterday".  So you see friends with every "You're such a great mother." comment left on my wall, there is a child neglecting, prideful, Keeping Up With The Jones's moment to bring me back to reality.  Yep, all fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), which is why I am thankful his mercies are new every morning. (Lam 3:23).

Let's just say it's a good thing I've started to pray God would change my heart.  I often ask that God would take away my worldly pride, and fill it with His love and wisdom.  Boy do I need it.

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