Monday, January 14, 2013

{Woodland Animal Party} Brie's 6th Birthday

My very own Little Critter turned six years old last Saturday, hard to believe, I know!
We celebrated in my usual overly-indulgent way.
Treats and treats galore.
There was cake.
An adorable tree stump cake for our friend,

Six the Squirrel.
There were cupcakes.
Fox Hole Donuts, 

Critter Pops, 
Marshmallow Bunny Pops,
 and Ground Hog Cups.
 And that was just on the left side of the table.
On the right side I served,
Critter Cupcakes,
Twigs, Acorns, and
 "Do Not Feed" Bears.
 I even made a Gluten Free Bundt Cake.
Can you say, "mmm-mmm, good?"  Or maybe, "SUGAR HIGH!"
Woozer, there was some serious Critter Cuteness going on at our house last weekend.  So glad all my hard work in the kitchen paid off.   Brie had a fabulous Woodland Animal Party, can't wait to share more.  Stay tuned for decor, games, and action shots.  Memories, too sweet to no record.

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