Friday, July 26, 2013

Ewant an Ewok, Please!

Sometimes I just can't help myself.  For the next two weeks Brieto is at a Theater Arts Day Camp put on by our beloved Children's Theater, Magik Theater.  It is a great program which I am thrilled to allow my girl to have a part of. 

On Wednesday night, I received notice Brie could dress up as an alien for their Fun-Filled Future Friday.  Being the over-achiever, eager to please mother that I am, one request for an Ewok costume was all I needed to get busy.  And let me tell you 24 hours notice is all one needs to whip up this galactic costume.
It really only consist of a few simple materials;  felt, headband, embroidery thread, large t-shirt, fur fabric sheets, and a few buttons.  That's it.  $20 at Hobby Lobby and I made my Brieto's day.
Seriously, could $20 be any cuter?
Simply add a pair of fur cuffs to the wrists and ankles and you have yourself a full body Ewok Costume.
So glad I had the opportunity to create this for you Brie, hope you had a great day sharing it with all your friends at Magik's Camp Showbiz.

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