Thursday, October 7, 2010

{Briar's Green Apple Party}Part 2 Food & Fun

Part Two of Briar's Green Apple Party is all about Food & Fun. I'm so lucky to have a skilled photographer as a friend, she made my mediocre dessert table look professional. Thanks Melissa Deming for making the food look fun.

Now onto the real FUN. I had set up a table with Play-doh and coloring sheets, but most the kids just ran around laughing and giggling.

At least sweet mellow Joshua enjoyed the Play-doh.
Of course all the running, screaming, laughing and excitement could have been from all the junk food they ate.
Pizza was served first, followed by lots and lots of sweets.

The Deming Twins.
Briar Rose
Abby & Brie
Lyndsey Bug
Daniel (or Danny as Briar calls him)!
Come back again for Part 3 Prizes & Presents.

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  1. They are terrific photos! But you also did an amazing job setting up the dessert table - looks truly Martha Stewart-ish! Go Jess!!