Monday, November 22, 2010

{Muffin Tin Monday} Thanksgiving

Today I'm thankful for Muffin Tin Monday. It's a day out of the week where I spend some extra special time with my girls. Believe or not, MTM not only has evolved Brie & Briar's appetite, but it has opened them up to talk as well. And I love talking with my girls.

So in honor of this week's MTM theme: Thanksgiving, I turned our BLT dinner into a Thanksgiving Muffin Tin Meal.

Top Row:
  • Cranberry Jam with Snack Stix
  • Turkey Shaped toast
  • Thanksgiving shaped pasta salad
Bottom Row:
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Apple Pie decorated cupcake (Unfortunately I had to use Briar approved foods--Tootsie Rolls and Craisan rather than the carmel chews and M&M's the recipe called for, so it's not perfect)
  • Lay's Potato Chips

I know, I know It may be a stretch, but the girls thought it turned out cute...and that all that matter to me!


  1. You lunch looks cute and very yummy! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. cutest one yet! love the cupcake pie!

  3. The snack sticks look like turkey feathers. Turkey bacon looks great too.

  4. It's all so darling! Where did you find Thanksgiving shaped pasta? I have had similar experiences with my two becoming more willing to try new or different things if it is presented in a muffin tin. Happy Thanksgiving! :o)

  5. I love it too!! And add me to the list of folks envying the shaped pasta. Where did you get that?