Friday, April 3, 2009

Build-a-Bear Workshop

I did the unthinkable today in the Dohner household, I took Brieto to Build-a-Bear Workshop; and she LOVED it.

Meet Bear.

Bear Dohner born April 3, 2009

We decided that Brie has been such a good girls lately she could get a special treat. Instead of going out to Sea World I decided to take her out for a day at La Cantera to visit B&N, the playgroup and Build-a-Bear Workshop.

The experience was actually a lot of fun. Once we received our instructions Brie was excited to begin picking out her bear, remarkably she choose the cheapest Bear. Next we filled our bear with lots of love, which Brie was terrified to do, so I helped. Next she gave her bear bath and we were off to pick out her clothes. Which Brie was very good at, once I redirected her away from the trashy bear clothes that is (a whole new topic). After Brie selected her "Lamb Bus Around" shirt we appropriately named her bear "Bear Dohner", picked up our birth certificated and headed home.

Here they are Brie and Bear

This smile is so worth $17.


  1. Brie, Bear, and Briar -now that's a mouthfull! I don't even WANT to know about the Brittany Spears clothes for bearie. I got the girls easter card yesterday and it is soooooooo cute!!! loved it! Excited about our upcoming playday date!