Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Half Birthday Briar

Today Briar turned six month.

Good Morning Briar!

One of Briar's major six month milestones is that her bottom two teeth are coming in, hence the finger's in the mouth.

Nom, nom, nom these taste good.

Brie is also excited about Briar's big day, to her it means one more day closer to a fully functional playmate. Mommy's kinda excited about that too.

My little Dohner Girls!


  1. Adorable! Happy half-birthday to her! It will be great when they are both ordering each other around--good times! (You be the baby. No! I want to be the mommy!) It's such fun when they play together. It seems like it takes forever, and then all of a sudden, they are setting off hydrochloric acid bombs in the backyard and laughing like mad.

  2. Wowzer! Teeth already???? We're still gummin it!

  3. They are so adorable. Where does the time go? This is from logcabinlady who couldn't figure out how to select anything but anonymous.

  4. You've got some major cuties on your hands! I can't believe Briar is 6 months already! That is just crazy to me.