Tuesday, August 18, 2009

IKEA Fun--Take One

This weekend I made a trip to IKEA and had a FABULOUS time, yet again. While I'm not ready to show you the GORGEOUS things I bought for the living room, I am ready to show you all the fun stuff I purchased for the play room.

We moved the couch out to make more room for play.
This magnetic board is at the perfect height for letter and number fun.

Creativity is now made easy with a pint size table and chairs.

Finally a view of the learning side of the room complete with art easel, craft table and lots and lots of books (which of course are out of view).

I really am quiet found of our playroom, it's such a great space for the girls. Now if I could only convince Rob to let me paint the paneling, then it would be perfect. I convonced him to let me put holes in the wall (unevenly, opps), so... I think I have hope.


  1. Looks great! I bet the girls have loads of fun in there.

  2. Oh, YES! Paint that paneling! Do. DO! It just brightens things up so very much. I love Ikea. I so seldom get there.