Monday, September 21, 2009


I have an addiction to admit; enthusiasm. Often I get a bee in my bonnet and can't rest until it's been removed. Honestly I have been known to lay in bed awake for hours thinking of paint chips, paper napkins, the Ikea catalog, cake recipes and my newest focus Halloween costumes.

Which is why when I came across this Etsy store I stopped at nothing until I figured out how to recreate it. Thanks to an online tutorial and a Hobby Lobby sale on tulle, I was able to whip up Briar's Pumpkin Fairy tutu.

It turned out so stink'n cute Brie dropped her Pastry Chef costume like it was hot and request one of her own. I guess it's back to Hobby Lobby for more tulle. Now if I could only figure out how to make the shirt. Any suggestions?


  1. Target. Buy one. They usually have super-cute pumpkin shirts this time of year.

  2. Or get a pumpkin patch/application and iron it on a white t-shirt. The tutu looks awesome!!!

  3. Do you have a color printer? just find a clip-art pumpkin, print it on transfer paper (which you can buy at craft stores), and use puffy fabric paint to trace the outlines and other lines. Easy-peasy. :-)

  4. On second thought, a cloth appliqué might be better. I had hoped to find a link for you, but doesn't have one right now. I've stayed up past my bedtime, or else I'd keep searching.