Monday, September 27, 2010

All..He Made Was Very Good!

Today was a glorious day; blue sky, cool breeze, zero humidity. I couldn't help but stand amazed at my Creator today. Especially, knowing He created these girls and those flowers. Friends I am blessed.
So what made this day extra special??? A trip to the Botanical Garden's! Until October 24Th the gardens are featuring a Playhouse & Forts exhibit, and we played on all eight!
First up is a Modern Swiss Family Robinson playhouse, complete with solar power and recycled rain water irrigation.

This was the girl's favorite, we spent 30 minute in here alone.

Next was the "Bird's Nest" fort. I don't remember if that was it's official name, but I'm positive it's suppose to resemble a bird's nest.

Briar got her beat on in fort Number 6 using some "Ancient Chinese" musical instruments.

Brie did a great job counting the Hibiscus peddles on fort Number 5, it even helped her earn a prize.

One of the better forts was number 3, which focused on how to recycle materials as planters. The girls seemed to enjoy playing with it's button's and pulls.

Okay so fort Number 2 just annoyed me. Sneezy hay, nasty recycled water and spiders...we didn't stay here long.
Another favorite was the "En Garde" playhouse, my little Monet's loved the art inspiration. It was such a hit we swung by again upon our exit.

Now playhouse Number 8 was by far my favorite. I couldn't tell you it's name (which is common with most of the forts) or it's theme, but it was so cool. And the view of the amphitheater was spectacular. It even came housed with 6 "Brie" kitties and 2 "Brie" puppies that followed us all the way to our car.

As for our bento lunches, they went off just as expected. Lots of excitement and lots of scraps for mommy. Nom, Nom, Nom!

What made the day most special, was listening to my daughter recite Gen. 1:31 all through out the garden. Nothing warms this mom's heart more than listening to my girl's get excited about scripture. Today was the perfect day to meditate on "all...he made was very good"!