Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bento Lunch 101

It doesn't take much to get me excited, but bento lunches really light my fire. If the words "bento lunch" are forgein to you, don't worry until just recently I had no clue what they were either. But boy was I missing out!

One day while searching birthday party blogs (a favorite flame ignitor) I came across this blog, Another Lunch, and well--I fell in love. Bento lunches were like my birthday parties, but one could have a party EVERYDAY! Not to mention the added bonus of allowing me to quality control all of Briar's food items (blood test results confirmed she is severally allergic to peanuts--and we must stay away from all forms of nuts)!

After being inspired by Melissa's amazing creativity and healthy lunches, I decided to try my hand at bento's. Because, yes, I want to be known as the mom who makes her kids lunches like this...

There is a theme behind this bento lunch, I'm calling it "Garden Playfort". Tomorrow I'm taking my lovelies to the San Antonio Botanical Garden to enjoy God's creation (which ties nicely in with Brie's memory verse this week, Gen 1:31) and monkey around on their Playfort exhibit before it goes away. But anyway back to my lunches...

Hopefully you can get an idea of what's going on, but I'll explain anyways. On the top left we have a fort (cinnamon honey butter sandwich topped with a graham cracker and fruit leather), next to a tree (golden raisins and celery) and on top of a few wild flowers (cheese and crackers).

In the top right corner are two flowers planted in soil (turkey, red vine and pretzel gold fish).

And finally I finished of their lunch with some love and sunshine (homemade chocolate chip cookie, fruit leather and HEB Whole Sun crackers).

That my friends is my first ever bento lunch. Although I almost forgot the best part, I only have to make lunch for two now. The lunch is filled with so much food, mommy can live off the scraps . Stay tune to see if this bento lunch is a love affair for both mother & daughters.


  1. Very cool, Jessica!

    What's red vine?

  2. The most I ever did was take a piece of bologna, cut out eyes and a mouth, and put shredded cheese as hair. Yeah, I'm not much into lunch making!

  3. dude, those whole sun crackers, are they new?? I just got some at HEB and they are amazing AND whole grain. Your blog is the only result that came up when I googled "whole sun crackers" (in quotes) :)