Thursday, September 30, 2010

Picnic Anyone?

One of my friends posted on facebook that they "really wanted to eat at an out-door cafe today" and those were our thoughts exactly. For you see lately the weather has been delightful. However, after returning from HEB with my wild-rabid weasels of children I had NO interest (or energy) in taking them to a restaurant. (On a side note, what is it about the grocery store that makes ones children so naughty?)! Instead we had a bento picnic in the front yard.

Today's lunch didn't have an elaborate theme, just a lot of cute "food" shapes. It was the lunch box itself that was exciting today. Our new "authentic bento" box arrived yesterday and we just had to use them today.

I found these cutie on Amazon. We've had a gift card lying around for months, thought some fun bento stuff would be a great way to spend it!

The lunch box comes in three layers; two for food and one for utensils.

The smaller top layer held; goldfish, string cheese and grapes (with a cute corn shaped bento pick).
In the larger section I served; an apple shaped raspberry preserve sandwich, a mandarin orange and dried papaya chunks on a cute bento pick.

After lunch (which the girls ate in it's entirety, yeah for bentoing their food) we stayed outside reading books, talking about animals and playing an "unofficial" game of Chutes and Ladders.

The girls loved being outside so much, they even wanted to nap on the picnic blanket.

Who thinks that really worked out???

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