Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{What's For Lunch, Bento Style} Bentos, Tigers & Bears Oh My

With the weather being so nice outside, the girl's and I have been active little beavers. This morning's trip to the zoo was no exception. And a jolly fun trip it was!

Let's make no mistake, part of that "jolly fun" was another themed bento lunch. I'm calling this one, "Bentos, Tigers and Bears, oh my!"

By no means am I advanced in my bento skills, but I can't get over how cute their little tiger was. Yes, I could have cut the stripes cleaner, but he's still cute. And looks at those biscuits, don't they just scream cuteness??? Did I mention they're Briar approved? Yep, found them at our local Japanese grocery store. It seriously made me wish I grew up in Japan, who knew food could be that cute!
So how are these meal going over? Actually, really well. It's amazing what a cute bento pick can do for a picky toddler. Yes folks, Brie is eating MEAT!
Briar loves them too, but for some reason she always scopes things out first. Once she has successfully scanned the plate she goes right for the dessert, then the fruit, followed by her savory snack and finally the sandwich. It takes her FOREVER, but she eats the entire meal. Which hasn't been the case for awhile.
Now that's what I call a Happy Meal!

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