Thursday, February 10, 2011

Frog Hunting

Let's face it, no matter how creative I think I am, I don't even compare to this guy.

See that? The throw pillow, two pillow pets and a Tiger hat--yeah, that's a snowman!

A few nights ago Robert in his usual pre-bedtime routine took the girls on an imaginary adventure! This is the part of the night I like to refer to as "frog hunting", but I'll save that story for another time. Their latest journey was to a winters wonderland, where they built snowmen....

and snow angels!

It was also a place where one could go ice skating on Frillow Pond.

All it took was a pair of socks. a winter cap and a whole lot of imagination.

Like with every good adventure, this one came with it's fair share of drama. Like momma not wanting the girl's to sled down Mt. Dohner, using their pillow pets as toboggans.

But alas, as with most of our family adventures reason weighed out making room for....

smiles like this...

and smiles like that!

I'm proud of my girl's imaginations, but I must give credit where credit is due--there is no doubt King Tonaka of the Tonaka clan has helped hone Princess Fummie and Princess Chiaka's imagination skills. Seriously, they leave this bento loving, muffin-tin-filling, cupcake decorating mom in the dust when it comes to creativity. So thanks dad for making our lives just a little more fun!


  1. ok,using pillow pets as toboggans from Mt Dohner is scary to watch!Very creative indeed.Way to go Robert.

  2. that is so much fun before bed! You have a great family!

  3. Jess - this is so great. This is a side of Rob that I just don't know and it warms my heart. Perhaps he could rub that part off on Ken. :)