Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's Rodeo, For Real!

Today was Dollar Day at the San Antonio Rodeo so we put on our boots,
packed our lunch,
and headed out to ride some carnival rides with our "lifelong" friends.
Ride's like the Dinosaucer and this crazy coaster, I CANNOT wait for next year when Briar is tall enough to ride this one alone, my stomach is getting too old for kiddie-coasters! Of course I wasn't the only one unhappy about our coaster ride. Brie was rather upset with Briar and I, apparently she feared for our safety!
Thankfully Brie's mood wasn't anything a little cotton candy couldn't fix.
Okay, maybe ALOT of cotton candy,
and a gentle carousal ride.
Let me tell you had I known Briar would smile like this,
on both the carousal AND the coaster, we would have omitted our roller coaster experience all together. Oh well, I guess you live and learn! Now I just wish I would remember Funnel Cake is never a good choice after three carnival rides, four hours in the sun and a 30 minute drive home...

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