Thursday, July 28, 2011

Disney Vacation: Day Eight

Friday was our last full day at Disney World, it seemed only fitting that we go out with a bang! Which is why daddy treated us to a Cinderella Happily Ever After dinner, at 1900 Park Fare. There we met the most famous princesses of all, Cinderella! Some of us even got a special hug from her!Of course with ever good princesses there has to be an evil stepmother, like Lady Tremaine (yes she has a name, not just Evil Stepmother, who knew?). Lady Tremaine was my favorite, because she told the girls, "Beauty is pain, you got to learn that at an early age. Now put your crowns on, hold your dresses and smile!" Did you see those smiles, they were really listening, right???
Next up was Anastasia, I have two words for her--A Hoot! When asked where her prince was she went into a long explanation about how Drizzella was to blame!And you know what, I think she was right, and so did Brie! Since Disney calls this meal, Cinderella's Happily Ever After, one must assume you'll meet a real prince....and we did! But for now I think the girl's heart's belongs to Prince Daddy! As apposed to mommy, that night my prince was Chef Harry!

Aside from my gluten-free rolls, steak and yummy sides he created me this amazing dessert!

Once all the character's had visited our table, the girls nerves were finally calm enough to eat.

Too bad it was already dessert time by then, check out that chocolate mini tart, I paid $27.50 for it! Of course I think daddy ate enough roast beef off the buffet to make up for Brie!

Now what's missing from this evening? Oh yeah dancing, you can't go to a ball without dancing!
In fact the girls danced so well the Disney staff gave then each a bouquet of flowers!
As with most of our days this one rapidly came to an end, soon we were waiting outside for the valet to bring us our car. Listening to Robert grumbling about how he hates forced valet. And watching the girls dance in the rain. I'm so thankful smiles like Brie's can make any dad forget about $12!

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