Friday, July 29, 2011

Disney Vacation: The End

Our Disney trip is over, my blog has been updated and all that's left are the pictures, memories and souvenirs.However before I end this chapter on Disney, I must give some "Super Cheers" to a few people!

Thank you to the Stepleton Clan for your many Disney tips--with out you we would have never eaten with Cinderella or known how to work the Fast Pass system. Thanks!

Thank you to our sweet Aunt Lois who made a significant finical contribution to our amazing week.

And finally, thank you to Robert's amazing parents for not only providing a beautiful resort, a few entries to Magic Kingdom and yummy food, but thank you for your prayers, support and love it does not go unnoticed!

Now all that's left is to plan my Disney at 30 trip, which is rapidly turning into my Disney at 29 trip!

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